Reflections from a Rather Ruffled Renovator: Waiting

It seems we cannot start our renovations until we have A (Council consent). But apparently our local government requires a crucial piece of information which they waited until Day 18 of the consent process to ask us for. Since they only have (I think) 20 days in which to respond I thought this was a bit mean on their part especially considering the nature of the information that was so critical. And what exactly was so urgent that it has held up our application? None other than the placement of our hot water cylinder.

Now why couldn't they have asked us that on say Day 8? Now they have another 20 days to consider our application while we just wait.

It's not even as if we can go on with anything else. We have to arrange B (finance) but we can't do that until we've organised C (insurance) which we can't do until D (our builder) gives us a start date. And he can't give us that until A approves our consent.

So instead of packing up sections of the house yesterday as I had originally planned on doing, we decided to head out of town and watch Son#4 play hockey. In case you're wondering, he's the good looking guy in the blue socks and with no number on his back. We were so busy taking photos that we failed to see him score a goal but we almost captured it. It was certainly a lot more fun than just waiting around for A, B, C and D.

There is one more thing that we're waiting for and it's far more exciting than D, C, B or A. Perhaps the reason I'm starting to sound like a Dr Seuss book is because another precious grandbaby is almost due to make his/her arrival into our family. Now that will be worth waiting for!


SchnauzerMom said…
Great photos! I hope A,B,C and D work out. Another grandbaby coming! How exciting. Congratulations.
Jules said…
Thanks SchnauzerMom. Some progress has been made on A, B, C and D and building is due to begin next Monday. Whether baby will arrive before then or after remains to be seen.