It was Son#2's idea that the baby shower for DIL#2 be a surprise event. It would have been easier to just put a message in the church newsletter but since he thought a surprise would be the way to go, I agreed and started designing invitations.

At some stage during the short interval between printing out the invitations and getting them into the hands of the invited guests, Son#2 spilled the beans. Apparently someone had asked DIL#2 if she was having a baby shower and on receiving a negative answer had suggested planning one. Son#2, obviously not wanting plans to go too far, told DIL#2 that a baby shower was already underway.

When the guest of honour knows that it's a surprise party it stops being a surprise. Strange, but that's how it is. However, as far as the guests were concerned it was still a surprise.

Until last Sunday that is. The lady sitting in front of Son#2 and DIL#2 had obviously received her invitation which CLEARLY stated that it was to be a surprise baby shower but perhaps a little confused as to who was the guest of honour (after all there are several expectant mothers in the church but as far as I know DIL#2 is the only first-time expectant mother) turned around to DIL#2 and asked her if the baby shower was for her.

Um, yes. And it's not a surprise anymore.

I had to laugh when Son#2 told me. What part of surprise baby shower did she not understand?

I have a sneaking suspicion that Son#2 is relieved because now he's not the only one to have ruined the surprise! The surprise that he insisted on.


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