Sunday Walk

I've decided to follow my doctor's kindly-meant advice and try to walk every day in order to lose weight. He suggested forty-five minutes a day but I seriously wonder how I can find that much time. But I'll do my best.

Many thanks to all those wonderful people who fed my ego by saying that I don't need to lose weight. The numbers on the scales don't lie (actually they do because my scales are terribly unreliable and the only time I'm friends with them is when they put my weight at much, much, much lower than I know I really am) nor do the charts (unless your doctor enters your height incorrectly and you come out at morbidly obese when you're really only a little overweight) and the truth is that I need to lose at least seven kilos to once again be considered a healthy weight for my height.

Anyway, after the baby shower on Saturday and its associated treats (aren't the sock buds cute?)

I decided I needed to do some serious walking and the beach was just the place to do it, despite the cold and the wind.

The sights along the way certainly made the time pass more quickly ...

and I returned wondering why we don't do this more often. I know why. It's because that long outside in the wind gives me earache of the most excruciating kind. But perhaps if I can find a decent hat that keeps out the cold and the wind and doesn't give me hat hair we'll do it again soon. Well, at least that's what I tell myself.


winterwren said…
This post made me laugh--what height did your doctor write down?

Have you considered earmuffs? I have a vintage pair and they do not cause hat hair. They do have an odd metal piece on the band that sometimes catches my hair and pulls it out; however, I doubt that newer earmuffs would have that. They are pretty old school.

Earmuffs do not cut it year round in my part of the world, but you could always wear a scarf or loose hat over them if it was very cold.

Those photos are so beautiful--how lucky you are to live by the ocean.
Ohtawen said…
I hope the baby shower went great! All those cakes look delicious and awfully tempting. And don't worry... if your weight really bothers you, then brisk walking is a good way to go! I always feel refreshed after a nice long walk.

The photos are exquisite, Jules. I can sense the mood captured there... and the sights are so different than anything else I've seen.

I understand you - strolls by the seaside usually involve lots of wind. My Mom has trouble with that, so she ties a scarf on windy days. She wears it almost like a hijab, and has no earache afterwards.
SchnauzerMom said…
Great photos! I walk all day long, what I really need to do is quit eating just for the sake of eating and actually wait until I'm hungry.
Jules said…
Winterwren, I'm 157cm tall but he put it 1.57cm. Quite a big difference.

I've not seen any earmuffs around although I can remember my mother wearing a pair years ago. I'll have to go searching.

This is the closest we've ever lived to the ocean but we don't take advantage of it nearly as much as we ought.

SchnauzerMom, have that eating problem too.

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