Week Seven: Strangeness (or How The Most Adorable Granddaughter#2 Evened the Score)

It's taking some getting used to seeing our dreams of the last fifteen years coming to fruition. Doors have been moved and are in strange places. What was once a kitchen wall now sports weatherboards and new French doors. Walls have gone and spaces opened up. Don't get me wrong: I like what I'm seeing, but there is a certain strangeness to it all.

Even more strange is the number of strange men in my house. Now I'm not totally unused to males in my house. I mean, I married one and between us we produced another five (and some might think them a little strange at times). I'm not even unused to adult males in my house since my youngest is now seventeen and a half years old.

But this is different and at times I have felt a little strange. Even uncomfortable. Like a stranger in my own house.

I walk out of our bathroom and almost smack straight into one of the builders. I go into my bedroom and there's a strange man standing there. I find a strange man in my hot water cupboard.

Definitely strange.

Stranger still is that at times it feels like some kind of weird game: How often can we unnerve the occupants of the house in one week?

The builders and other contractors have been winning.

However, The Most Adorable Granddaughter#2 had her own unique way of evening up the score. One dark morning as the two of us walked out of my bedroom she spotted one of the builders crouched down in the hallway.

"Boo," she shouted.

Two points to the occupants.


Mary said…
I enjoyed our remodeling, when we did it one time. I liked having the workmen there and felt lonely after they left!
SchnauzerMom said…
How cute, I'm sure she did even the score! Sounds like your house is going to be really great.
Ohtawen said…
Your granddaughter retaliated nicely. That was very witty of her!
I understand your discomfort, however. I felt the same way when we were renovating. The dirt and noises were not problematic for me, but the unknown people that roamed freely in my home. I was relieved when the whole ordeal was over, mostly because I had my privacy back again.
I hope you will have your privacy back soon!
ladyofrohan said…
For some people (and I speak from experience), it's still odd having builders you know. On the one hand, you trust them more. On the other hand, it's like extended-stay guests who go through your bathroom cupboards.

Go MAG #2!

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