Why when the rest of the country was experiencing snow - even those areas whose temperatures didn't drop as low as ours - we missed out? What's that all about? Our greatest claim to fame is that some areas in our city had snow and we managed a few tiny specks (although some intellectual called it some fancy name starting with 'g' which probably means it wasn't really snow). If we get the freezing temperatures why can't we have the excitement of snow as well? I mean we're suffering along with everyone else so a little bit of white stuff on the ground would make it all worthwhile. (Before my Northern readers think I'm insane please remember that this is a once or twice in a lifetime event for us here in our area.)

However, since at least most members of our family experienced snow I've decided that snow by close association is close enough to actually having snow. And now for the proof.

The campus of the university MY two sons attend:

MY son's backyard (yes I know he could have cleaned it up before taking the photo but please bear in mind that he does live with four other guys, none who are anywhere as tidy as MY son):

MY granddaughters and MY son surveying their backyard:

MY son about to throw a snowball (hopefully not at MY beautiful daughter-in-law):

MY son and MY granddaughter photographed in the snow:

So see, I did have snow after all - even if it is just on my blog.


RetroRocketGal said…
Wow, you're lucky you don't get too much of the stuff. Just enough to keep you happy. Looks very pretty. The reversed seasons kill me! Imagine it being winter for you! Mary
Ginger said…
I was like Snow in August? Where? We have had temps over 90 for most of the summer here in TN... so I had to check it out! LOL, Then I realized, you are not from the states. Looks delightful!
SchnauzerMom said…
That snow looks so nice and cool. It's 107 here.

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