Week Ten: Almost

I had thought of giving this post the title "Over" since at the beginning of the week I was so over this business of renovating. I just wanted everyone out of my house who didn't belong there ... whether it was finished or not. I got over that and by the end of the week had reached a hard-won truce with the whole process.

"Over" still seemed appropriate since Week Ten was the week the building was meant to be completed thus ending this nightmare (from my perspective at least). It's not over but it almost is. And almost is good enough.

Because apart from the architrave in the back entrance, the doors for the wardrobe and laundry cupboard, the removal of the old kitchen wall (which I suspect has provided a welcome windbreak in this chilly weather), and the laying of new decking, it is virtually over. The building part at least.

After that the plasterer, the painter, and the flooring contractor will all do their bit and then it's time for my new kitchen to go in.

So while the detailing seems to be taking a lot of time and keeping things moving at a slow pace, it's almost there and soon, it will be all over. I just have to exercise patience for a little while longer.


SchnauzerMom said…
I don't know if I could handle all the inconveniences that you have to put up with. It will be great when it is all done and you can enjoy it.

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