I have an important decision to make – one that has nothing to do with renovating – one that has to be made quickly. I’ve been offered increased responsibility at work but with the hours I want. It seems that others have this view that I have untapped skills and knowledge. If that is so, then I’m certainly not aware of any such skills or knowledge chaffing at the bit to be let out.

Perhaps their opinion of me is a little – ahem – inflated. Or perhaps they’re just desperate for someone to fill the role. Then again, it is on my terms, so perhaps they do really want me after all. (Do they really know what they’re letting themselves in for?)

One skill I can see myself needing in this new role is that of decision-maker.

I don’t know if I’m a very good decision-maker.

Take our kitchen for instance. DH has repeatedly told me that he wants me to have the kitchen I want. Within reason of course.

Great! What woman wouldn’t be thrilled with that! However, it’s not been as wonderful as it sounds. Whenever I’ve said – with conviction in my voice – that I want something, he has come back with one or more – or all – of the following replies:

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” (Um yes, otherwise I wouldn’t have suggested it.)

“Have you thought about …?” (Please give me credit for having some intelligence.)

“What about … ?” (What about it?)

“Wouldn’t … [something that he suggests] be better?” (Um ... probably.)

Sometimes I’ve stuck with what I’ve wanted, but other times I’ve listened to him and changed my decision. Usually he’s been right. (Usually - I wish I'd gone with my original decision for pale blue-grey walls in the kitchen - but I can live with what's there - in fact, I'm probably more at peace with it than DH is.)

I should have sought more of his input when it came to choosing paint colours for outside though. (Why didn't he have suggestions to make for this decision?) It seems that my choice of a blue deck has not found favour with the family. I however like it, especially when viewed from my kitchen. And as DH pointed out, The Most Adorable Granddaughters in the World are going to love it!


SchnauzerMom said…
I love the blue deck. I have a tendency to second-guess myself when I make decisions.

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