Week Thirteen: Aha! Moments

We've had a number of Aha! moments this week. You know the kind I mean: when something goes together and suddenly you go, Aha!

It happened first when the kitchen units went in. I'm still without a bench top, but that didn't stop me from having an Aha! moment. Actually there was more than one Aha! moment. Naturally when the units went in and I saw the layout of my kitchen I went Aha! but when the cupboard doors went on and all my fears about colour and style disappeared I had another Aha! moment. In fact, it was more of an AHA!!!!!!! moment.

As for my china cabinet, every time I look at it I have an Aha! moment. We had so much trouble explaining what exactly it was that we wanted when we first started getting prices for our kitchen (no one seemed to get it), that it's exciting - and another Aha! moment - to see that our joiner executed our plans perfectly. It's just what I dreamed of and more.

Our kitchen and dining room floor has been another Aha! moment. Although it's a little disappointing that there's a water stain that can not be removed, we're overall thrilled with the way it's come up. Others too have commented on how lovely it looks. Certainly credit must go to our saxophone-playing floor contractor. It's not finished yet, but I'm sure when it is there'll be plenty of Aha! moments.

The ceiling beams and the new deck have also been the cause of some Aha! moments. Contractors and inspectors that have been in and out of the house over the last few days have raved about one or the other - or both. That they tie in so well with the style of the existing house just increases the Aha! moment.

And then there's been another Aha! moment that's been a little sad in itself. It was the realisation that the builders are virtually finished. These guys have been in our house regularly for the past thirteen weeks. They have done a good job, have been patient when I've tripped out their power when I've plugged the jug in, have (on occasion) eaten the food I baked for them, and have always shown respect and been approachable. No small feat! Now they've packed up their tools and bits and pieces and cleared out. I think in one way, I'm actually going to miss them! But perhaps they're now having their own Aha! moment (as in, we're finally done with that job!).


Sharlene said…
It is looking lovely! The china cabinet is beautiful. I am glad that you can finally have some Aha! moments.
RetroRocketGal said…
Oh, that looks very nice. Fresh and clean!!
Jen said…
That all looks SO beautiful!! Your china cabinet and floors are my favorite of all. It is coming along so nicely! You must be so excited!
SchnauzerMom said…
Wow your kitchen looks great! You'll really enjoy it.
Fox said…
Oh how wonderful! I'm so happy for you! I think that water stain on the wood floor will just be a neat character mark as the years go by. I think everything looks stunning and I know you must be thrilled! I know you will be glad when everything is in it's place and you can have your final cleanings and say... AHA! It's finally all done!! You are so very close now! I hope you enjoy it as much as you thought and even more!

Ohtawen said…
Oh, Jules, the kitchen looks fantastic! The idea with the china cabinet is lovely, I like it very much. Most of all, I'm so glad to read that the workers are done and that all is coming together!
winterwren said…

You must be so relieved that everything is winding down--but I guess it would be sad to see the builders go, too. It all looks beautiful. The flooring stain must not be in the photos, because I don't see anything, but hopefully that will work out, too. Really, everything is so gorgeous, I don't think it could detract from the overall look anyway (at least from a third party perspective!)

I am also really impressed that you designed that china cabinet yourself and look forward to seeing pictures when it is full of china!

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