A is for ... Apple Tree

A is for apple tree which our dog seems intent on digging up. And not just the apple tree but also almost every other fruit tree in our garden. This has something to do with the animals that live behind us and the fact that between the fence and those ever-so-alluring animals lie our fruit trees. Not that our dog is able to get to the animals that live on the other side of the fence, but she certainly tries for all that she’s worth. Since the fence is too high to jump, she’s decided to dig under it. I can’t tell you the number of times that DH has had to fill in holes and put up barricades to try to stop her digging. All to no avail.

But back to the apple tree. Several weeks ago I was given for free a Black Boy Peach tree and a Country Taste Apple Tree. I know about Black Boy peaches and am looking forward to the time when we can pick our own fruit from that particular tree, but the apple tree I’ve never heard of before and neither it seems has anyone else. It’s as if such a tree doesn’t exist. I’ve searched online and in print and have come up with absolutely nothing.

Perhaps it’s been misnamed. Or perhaps it’s not even an apple tree. If anyone can shed some light on the subject I would really appreciate it. Meanwhile, it’s growing and flowering in our garden and as long as Kielsie stays away from it and the bees do their job, we should have some fruit next autumn. Perhaps then we’ll know what it is.


SchnauzerMom said…
A mystery tree, how interesting. We had a peach tree in our yard but it died this year, couldn't handle the heat and the drought.

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