K is for ... Kids

Kids who Kut the Kurls off their Kid sister before Kutting their own hair.

If it sounds like Dr Seuss, believe me, it wasn't funny. Their mother cried and I wanted to.

The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#1 found a pair of scissors and put them to use. The result was not successful. Not in the least. While The Most Adorable Granddaughter#2's curls have sprung back and the damage is virtually undetectable, the same cannot be said for The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 whose hair is stick straight. Not only has she a super short fringe with an even shorter layer on top, she also chopped off a lot of her length, including all the blonde bits that we all adored. And what's even worse is that family photos are in two week's time!

But ... hair will grow ... and The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 now reminds me of myself at the same age ... and they're still super, super Kute Kids!


Nancy said…
Thanks for sharing! I'm reminded of my two oldest who have eachother haircuts when they were 3 and 1 and 1/2. All of my little blonde daughter's curls were cut off the top of her head almost to the scalp two weeks before Easter pictures. I took her to the beauty shop and asked them to fix it and they gave her a mullet!
Jules said…
Hi Nancy, it seems that most kids attempt this at one time or another. I apparently did it just a short time before I was to be flowergirl at a wedding and my MIL has stories of one of her daughters cutting off a sibling's ringlets. I had only sons so when they discovered the power of scissors to cut hair, it meant just going in for a shorter cut than usual. Not quite the upset that it is with girls and their long hair.

Lots of pretty headbands and hats for the next six months I think. :)

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