L is for ... Lack

Lack of internet connectivity which seems to be getting worse not better. I was beginning to think that I wouldn't be able to post today and just think what a shame that would have been. lol

L is also for light and I finally have a light switch for my kitchen/dining that works. Okay, I'm still waiting on those pendant lights, but when they're finally up and operating I now have a switch with which to turn them on and off. I'm not sure Son#1 will approve of how it's been done (DH was less than pleased with the final result) but at least we can now say we have a light switch.

L is also for lemon yoghurt cake which was super easy to make and super easy to eat. I suspect I'll be trying this recipe again. And for licorice which if you don't like it can be hard to gain admittance to the family circle (DIL#1 managed but so far she's the only one who doesn't like the stuff and there's no lack of willing volunteers to eat her share!)

L is for laundry (laundry room for my American readers) which DH is painting this weekend. I've chosen a light green colour for the walls. We spent part of today deciding on floor tiles and I made curtains the other day, so it looks as if one room in the house will soon be finished.

L is also for long weekend ... and having my family home ... and that's something I love!

(Son#3's Birthday Cake was Donna Hay's Ultimate One-Bowl Chocolate Dessert Cake. Another super easy cake that the family will not turn their collective noses up at - especially when served with cream and fresh strawberries.)


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