M is for ... Masterclass

Just over a week ago I had the privilege of doing a masterclass with an internationally acclaimed flute teacher. Okay, I didn't do the masterclass. I sat in and listened to others play and the comments and tips that he gave them. But I did do the workshop beforehand and that in itself was inspiring.

And then there was the concert the following night! I could've listened to him play all night if it hadn't been for the hard seats that we had to sit on. The concert was held in what had once been a school chapel for the local Catholic secondary girls' school. I've attended services in a Catholic Church on three separate occasions and all were funerals so I don't know if priests get to drone on and on like some ministers but if they do - well those poor pupils who had to sit on those hard seats to listen to mass.

M is also for music and I've loved music since I was little. Some of my earliest memories are going to sleep listening to my mother play the piano or organ. Sunday afternoons my sister and I would gather around our mother and sing songs together. I can remember some of those songs: Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport and Do Lord, O Do Lord, O Do Remember Me. Quite an interesting repertoire!

I still love music. And one of these days I'm going to make music on my flute ... well hopefully.


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