N is for ... New Zealand

I had an entirely different theme for this post, but given last night's victory, decided that I had to show some allegiance to this country that I live in even if I rarely support them sporting wise.

So N is for New Zealand who won the game against France 8-7 and are the proud owners of the Rugby World Cup. Having watched the game as well as the game between Australia and Wales on Friday night I can now honestly say that I have watched two games of rugby without falling asleep.

I will admit [looks around to see who is listening] that I really didn't care either way who won and even cheered France on in some parts of the game. I will also admit that I felt no emotion when either team received their medals, unlike on Friday night when Australia received their bronze medals or when I heard my national anthem for the first time in a long time.

As one of my sons pointed out: they couldn't lose regardless of what team won. With Welsh ancestry on their father's side, French ancestry on their mother's, a New Zealand father and an Australian mother, they could claim association with whatever team that won. And with a New Zealand husband and daughter-in-law and a son and granddaughters who hold dual citizenship, I'm happy with them that New Zealand won.

But that doesn't mean to say that I won't be thrilled to have the Rugby World Cup behind us or for it to become less and less the main topic of conversation.

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Liliana said…
Is it the rugby players who are doing Haka before the games?
Jules said…
Yep, NZ rugby players do the haka before their games.

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