T is for ... Torment

n. Someone belonging to our family - generally male - who likes to tease other members of family - particularly spouse but not confined to.

It's when the family gets together that I'm so often aware of defective genes that are passed down from generation to generation. Just last week Son#2 told me that his wife had said such-and-such. His wife smiled indulgently and I hastened to assure her (I hope) that I know what Son#2 is like. After all, he's been tormenting family members since the day he was born!

It's quite possible that DIL#2 had said what he said she'd said - in a totally different context. Or - just as likely - she'd said those words in separate conversations over the course of a day - or week - and he had taken them and put them all together.

But he can't be blamed. He can't help it. He's just like his father ... who is just like his father ... who apparently was just like his mother. I used to come away from visits to DH's family wondering what on earth they must think of me after DH had said something during our time with them. Now I know, that just like me with Son#2 (and Son#3 I discovered when we had dinner with him and his girlfriend the other night - and I suspect other sons also), they probably just ignored it.

After all, he was born that way and can't help himself. It runs in the family. I think the reason why DH's family liked me was because I was so gullible - especially in the beginning. I must have been a great source of merriment for them.

Still, I can think of far worse things than not having a sense of humour or being able to laugh.


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