It's Hard to Believe

But my 'baby' has now finished school. As of last night, he no longer has to attend school apart from sitting - and hopefully passing - his exams.

He's growing up and soon he'll leave the nest to begin life on his own. I'll admit that I'm in denial. Where is the chubby son that used to climb into my lap every night for a cuddle? It's hard to believe those days are well and truly behind us.

I'm also finding it hard to believe that not only has he finished with school life and everything that goes with it but DH and I have also. Since Son#1 began school almost twenty-two years ago we're always had at least one child at school and at least one prize-giving ceremony to attend each year. I think the record number of such ceremonies we attended in one year was four. We deserved a medal that year!

Prize giving: agonising ceremonies that go on and on (three hours last night and not a chance to stand up between the teacher processional at the beginning and the national anthem at the end) and where parents only want to see their child receive their certificates and don't care two figs about all the other kids (except to compare their results with their own kid/s and feel either proud or envious).

We're done with them. For good. Hard to believe. Of course, there is always the danger that a thoughtful and well-meaning grandchild will decide to ask us to attend one of their prize giving ceremonies in the years to come. Hopefully they'll give us a few years respite.

I'm just realised that the same teachers were on stage two years ago when Son#4 graduated

and I suspect they're the same teachers in this photo of Son#3 when he graduated two years prior to that:

I wonder how many prize giving ceremonies they've attended??? And is it true that teachers hide a book in their gowns to read on stage to pass the time?


Lynda Schab said…
So cool! Congrats to your son. I'll be going through the same thing with my son in May, when he graduates. Time goes so fast! Such a cliche', but so true!
Enjoy this new phase in your life.:-)
SchnauzerMom said…
Congratulations! You have very handsome sons.
Ohtawen said…
Facets of New Zealand life fascinate me very much. It was so interesting for me to read about prize giving ceremonies. So different than what I'm used to! In my country, finishing high school is not a big deal, so we don't have ceremonies and parents are never present when the kids receive their certificates.

It has just dawned on me that you and your husband have schooled all your children. Congrats - that's such an accomplishment. And congrats to your son, too.

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