X is for ...Xaminations

Son#2 sat his examination on Tuesday. This time - unlike the last time when he sat an exam with thoughts of his wife due to go into labour at any second on his mind (she was already overdue) - his exam paper was at the examination venue and he didn't have to fret and wait until a copy could be made.

Son#4 began his exams yesterday and Son#3 is about to begin his. He had a major presentation today which apparently went "okay".

Saturday week Son#5 begins his exams. Before that, he will have his school prizegiving. His final prizegiving. The very last time that DH and I have to sit through a prizegiving (unless the grandchildren ever-so-kindly invite us to one in a few years time).

I'm in denial. I can't believe that my "baby" is about to finish with school forever. It's happened too soon. I am so not ready for this.


Liliana said…
I think you took some literary license with your word. The only word I can think of for X is xylophone. Congrats on the boyzzzzz! (They're young men really.) They are doing well. You have much to feel proud of!
Jules said…
lol. My dictionary lists these words under X: X (true), Xe, xenon, xenophobia, Xerox, Xmas, x-ray, xylem, xylophone. Since none of them had any relevance to my life I made my own word up. You might remember that I cheated on K too?

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for X.

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