Y is for ... You

My faithful reader/s who have managed to get this far through my alphabet posts. Even if You haven't, I still appreciate You.

I'm not sure what I hoped to achieve by blogging for twenty-six days in a row. It's almost over (one letter to go!) but for me it's been a lot of fun and certainly the discipline of having to write every day has been good for me.

Today I finished - or at least I think I did - my latest novel. Due to renovations and changes and life, I've not worked on my writing for months. Today that changed and it was possibly in part due to my habit of daily writing that has developed over the last twenty-five days. Once I got into it, I didn't want to stop. Forget about cooking dinner or doing housework, even my music lesson (almost), all I could think about was writing. I was totally engrossed and didn't want to be distracted.

And so it's finished. Of course there's editing to do and touching and tightening and whatever else it needs to get it ready for publication. But it's done.

And this challenge is almost finished and I'm wondering: Where to next? Do I keep this blog going? What do You my readers want to read? (If comments are any indication, certainly not alphabet posts again.) Do You want more photos? (I've got slack of late as far as that goes.) Or am I deluding myself in thinking that there is any You out there at all?


lacemitts said…
I SO enjoy your blog. Should tell you more!
Ohtawen said…
Dear Jules, you know how much I like reading your blog. There are certainly more readers, especially those who don't have the courage to comment yet (and I understand them, for I am often one).
I know that you have been considering to close the blog... I would be sad if that happened, but I'm also aware that you lead a very busy life. Your family, home, then work, writing, quilting... Plus blogging on top of that - well, it's really hard to juggle all that. I understand that blogging can take up the time you have left to unwind and just be alone with yourself. Although I would be sad if you stopped, I would also be happy - for you.

I'm amazed by your patience and perseverance. Posting every day can be a daunting task, but you've done it! And congratulations on finishing the book :) That's such a great achievement.
SchnauzerMom said…
I'm here! I enjoy reading whatever you want to write about.
Liliana said…
If you decide to take it down, just tell me first. There are two of your posts I go back to and I would need to print them out. Thanks! And yes, what Ohtawen said. :)

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