You Said?

It seems lately that any decision we've made (that is DH and I) about the finer details of our renovation project have been met with scorn, suspicion, doubt or disbelief from the rest of the family. Son#5 even went so far as to suggest that it's only DH and I who have to be happy with the final outcome since after February next year we'll be the only two living here.

I take that as an: I absolutely hate it but if I say so you probably won't cook any more meals for me or do my laundry until I leave home so I'll try and be diplomatic and keep everyone happy. (Didn't work! I'm on to him.)

So far:

At least one son had suggested that our dining area wouldn't be big enough.

It is. (Although we haven't yet moved all our furniture back in but we're confident it will fit.)

The family didn't like the colour of our new deck.

I love it.

The family - apart from DIL#1 - didn't like the colour of the laundry.

I like it. I think.

The family - or was it just one son in particular? - thought the tiles we had picked out for the kitchen would look funny.

They were wrong.


I wonder what their reaction would be if I decided to hang polka dot curtains in the kitchen? Perhaps they'd like that.


Jen said…
Your kitchen is looking beautiful! Are you able to use it now? I have been praying for you about that!

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