And a Use for Old Shirts

I found this peg bag idea online and decided to try it. My existing peg bag was really a leetle too small for the amount of pegs I like to keep on hand, and Son#5 is going to need one when he leaves home. So ... I'm going to gift him my old one (which isn't really all that old) and I'm going to use this one that I made from an old shirt of Son#2's:

I'm just sorry that I didn't keep more shirts from my sons' younger days or that I don't need more than one peg bag as I think these are rather cute. However I'm already thinking that a larger shirt could make a cute bag for rags or for recycling plastic bags. I can see them now: a whole row of shirt bags strung up in my laundry room. One for pegs, one for rags, one for plastic bags, one for other odds and ends. The family would really think I'd lost my marbles then! (I wonder if you could store marbles in a shirt bag?)

This one is a little boring and a nice print or bright colour would have made wash day a little more enjoyable. This one also has a few 'age spots' from being in storage for so long (it's probably about fifteen years since Son#2 wore this shirt), so to counteract that I'm currently soaking it in hot coffee to give it a lovely aged look.

The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1's only concern when she saw this was that the pegs might fall out of the sleeves! Due to my incredible foresight (lol) I sewed partway up the front to stop the pegs falling out between the buttons (not the whole way though because you need to leave an opening so that you can easily get your hand in and out to grasp hold of the pegs). It's best to do this step before sewing the bottom. Just in case you decide to try it.


Jen said…
That is such a great idea! My clothes pin bag is pretty small too, so I have had to take a lot of them out. I like the fact that when this bag gets dirty, you can just pop it in the wash. I can't do that with mine!
Jules said…
Jen, it seriously takes less than five minutes to whip one of these up. I used a shirt to fit an eight-year-old for the peg bag and it turned out to be a generous size. I wouldn't want to go much smaller. This shirt had a curved hem which I cut off but next time I think I'd just follow the curves. I've made another bag, this time using a shirt for a fourteen-year-old and it's ideal for my rags. It had splits at the hem so I just curved it on the sides. They certainly add some fun to what can be boring chores.

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