Happy One Year Old

She's one year old today!!!

Happy Birthday to The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#3!


Jen said…
She is such a cutie!! Happy One Year birthday to her :)!
winterwren said…
Wow! I can remember when you found out your DIL was pregnant with her! Crazy! Very cute!

Jules, I am sorry you are closing your crafting blog, but I understand. And truthfully, I sort of (well, entirely, actually) quit knitting after my husband tore his carotid artery last year. I was knitting in the ER, thinking they would give him some headache medicine, and then suddenly the ct scan results came back and we knew he could die. I did not intentionally stop knitting, it was just depressed me after that. Not the best association. Maybe I should scrap the yarn I was using and try a new project. The yarn is such a lovely blue and throwing away good anything goes against my nature, but I am never going to use it.

I did still enjoy reading about your patterns and projects, though. Even if blogger rarely let me comment!

Hope you and yours are well.
Jules said…
Winterwren, I'll post some projects here (I imported some old posts so the patterns for socks and pics of quilts are on this blog now) but if you ever want to see the blog again I can temporarily make it public so just drop me a line. I just couldn't regularly update it and so couldn't see the purpose in keeping it going. Strange that you had trouble commenting.

Since your husband didn't die, perhaps use that wool to make something that celebrates life. If you could never wear it yourself, then perhaps a gift for a new baby? I understand the associations, but perhaps if you change its purpose those associations might be diminished. Just a thought. Failing that, what about a swap with someone?
SchnauzerMom said…
She's gorgeous! Happy birthday to her.
Ohtawen said…
Your third Granddaughter is such a big girl now! I wish her, belatedly, a happy birthday. The birthday party was surely fun.

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