Arriving home at midnight is becoming a bit of a habit. As has visiting gardens in cities far from home.

Friday morning, Son#4 and Son#5 travelled by bus to attend Parachute which is only New Zealand's largest Christian music festival. It was a first for them. Years ago Son#1 was involved in the lighting for Main Stage, but for various reasons (possibly more to do with an overprotective mother and a lack of funds than any lack of desire to attend) his siblings have not attended what is probably the biggest event on the Christian youth calendar downunder.

Until now.

With much excitement and pulling of hair (on my part - particularly when it came to what they needed to take and what they were going to eat especially when they originally had no way of storing perishables or of cooking any food - fortunately for them they were able to take a cooker which probably saved them from starvation) they were packed and ready to go Friday morning.

I saw them off at the bus station and returned to peace and solitude and many updates by text message.

So what has this to do with gardens and midnight?

Well DH had promised to pick the boys up if they didn't want to come home on the bus. Since it was their first time attending this festival and they weren't going with a group, they were a little unsure about how to get to the venue and back to the bus station and all the other little details they needed to consider. There was a problem however. The festival didn't end until Monday lunch time (due to some parts of the country having a holiday that day) but DH had to work Monday so the boys were going to have to leave early.

They seemed happy to do so, despite missing their favourite band, Casting Crowns. Originally DH had planned on making the trip up by himself. I'm not what is known as a 'traveller' and besides, with three grown sons (Son#3 was meeting his brothers at the festival) and all their luggage, there would be more room in the car if I stayed home.

However, by Sunday morning I had had enough of peace and quiet. Friday hadn't been so bad. I'd done some housework and caught up with a friend and DH was home at dinner time. But on Saturday DH stayed in bed nursing a migraine, only emerging to take me out for dinner for my birthday or when The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 visited. I had had enough of being alone.

The trip up was uneventful and we arrived with plenty of time to spare. This gave us a chance to visit DH's brother, and then later, to walk around the gardens. It was wonderful just to stretch our backs after all that sitting!

And then came the reason for our trip: meeting our boys at Parachute and bringing them home. DH and I had heard so much about Parachute over the years but had never really seen it up close. Well we still didn't get to see it up close - just from the hill - but it gave us a feel for the event. And of course, our sons filled in all the details on the trip home (well, for the first part of the trip anyway).

DH had said that he wanted to be home by midnight, so after meeting our boys, it was quick goodbyes all round, and then in the car for the trip home.

And what time did we arrive home? Midnight exactly.


SchnauzerMom said…
Wow it looks like that festival was a lot of fun. I love that garden too.
Jules said…
SchnauzerMom, the gardens are beautiful and are set out quite creatively. There were gardens from around the world: Chinese, Japanese, English, Modern American, Italian, Maori, and Indian. There was also a herb garden, a perfume garden, a sustainable backyard garden (vegetable garden), and probably a lot of other gardens that we didn't have time to see. The last time we saw these gardens was when DH's brother and sister were married in the Japanese garden eight years ago. Certainly a lovely place for a wedding.
Ohtawen said…
The gardens must be breathtaking. I couldn't believe it when I saw the photos. Right now, I'm totally gobsmacked.

I would say that visiting gardens is a very pleasant habit :) And there's certainly nothing wrong with arriving home at midnight - it's not like you attend discoteques and parties ;)

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