Sunday, February 12, 2012

Home Again

It's been a busy weekend. In fact, it's been a busy week. And an emotionally draining one. It began, as I've already mentioned, with taking Son#3 back to Uni - a move I wasn't ready for and will probably never be ready for - especially when Son#4 and Son#5 go in the near future.

Thursday DH left early to go to a two-day conference out of town - something else I wasn't exactly thrilled about even though I knew he needed to attend. A short time later I received word that my aunt had passed away. It was, for me at least, unexpected, and I took it hard. Harder too because even though I know she had opportunity to receive Christ, I don't know that she ever did.

That same day, I went to see DH's brother and family off at the airport. They return to China for another year. Already hurting from one loss, I perhaps felt this more than on previous occasions.

Friday, DH returned home and after quickly throwing some more clothes into his bag, we headed off to attend a colleague's wedding. After four hours of travelling without a break (nothing was open and I was starving) we decided to stop and get a motel for the night. Dinner that night was Burger King at some time after ten o'clock - not something I'd recommend (the venue or the time of eating). That night the traffic kept us awake and I could add that the smell of that particular city was not exactly, ahem, pleasant.

Saturday morning we headed off again and arrived at our destination mid-morning. The wedding was lovely and the rain (which never actually amounted to anything much) held off during the outdoor ceremony. In fact, some guests were decidedly sun burnt I noticed later.

Another motel room and bed to sleep in and then today we made the trip home: this time with some stops, even if it was only to take a photo or to get eaten by sand flies.

My house wasn't magically cleaned while I was away, but I don't really care. It's just good to be home again. And perhaps some bodies will clean it for me tomorrow when I'm at work?

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SchnauzerMom said...

Great photos, the bride looks lovely. It's always good to be able to sleep in your own bed after traveling.