Mixed Bag

It's been a day of mixed actions and mixed emotions as we have gone from work (DH) to dropping off Son#4 to watching Son#2 finish a race to shopping to back to Son#4's flat to repair the lock on his door that was broken during a recent burglary (we estimate that the burglars made off with a grand total of $20!) to home where Son#1 and his family were waiting to read bedtime stories to taking a few minutes out to sit down at the computer.

I have moved between pride and laughter and tears and exhaustion and feeling like an unnecessary accessory. A brief visit with Son#5 was greeted with neither surprise or joy. I guess it's only been a few days but surely he could have missed us a little bit more. I've certainly missed him. Still, that's too be expected and probably very normal.

(Son#4 will be regretting now that we didn't have the time to take a family photo as we did with his brothers. At the time he didn't seem to mind but once he sees these candid photos he might change his mind.)

(Finishing the race well. Actually, I think his team may have come last if they continued the same way they started the race but at least Son#2 did his part well.)

(Bedtime stories ... and a game too if The Most Adorable Granddaughter#3 has her way.)


SchnauzerMom said…
Great photos, sounds like you had a busy day.

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