I keep waiting for some body - any body - to come out of the dark recesses of what is known on our house plan as Bedrooms 2 & 3 and look for food. I keep expecting to see a pantry or fridge door open and hear someone ask, "What's to eat?"

This despite there being hardly any food in the house - even though Sons#3, #4 and #5 have all left home.

However, when they do come back, I already have some willing cooks to help me cook up a storm.

(Making Pita Bread. This recipe is fantastic for anyone wanting fresh pita bread any time of the day or night as the dough is kept in the fridge and you just break off what you need. And there's no kneading either. How easy is that!)

(Rosemary Flatbread. Recipe from here. Believe me this is worth trying. It has a buttery taste despite the fat in the recipe coming entirely from olive oil. For Australian readers, this crispbread tastes very much like the SAO biscuit.)


SchnauzerMom said…
They will always come back especially with cooks like that.
winterwren said…
Hey, Jules,

I have no idea if you will see this, as it is an older post, but am considering making your pita bread recipe and have a question. How long does the pita dough last in the fridge? If I do not use it fast enough, can I freeze it? Can you substitute part whole wheat flour?

Hmm. That was three questions.

Your grandchildren are just so cute. I think that every time I read your blog; I should say so more often.

Jules said…
Hi Winterwren, I use 4 cups of wholemeal and 2-1/2 cups of white flour. I've kept it in the fridge for about 8 days but usually find it best if used in the first 5-7 days. I think I read that it can be frozen but I've never tried it. I rarely use a rolling pin either as flattening out with the flat of my hand seems to give the best results. And I don't have a peel. I just use plenty of cornmeal on either a bread board or my granite benchtop. If you try it I'd like to know how you find it.
winterwren said…

Thank you so much for replying. I plan on the making the dough tomorrow (Friday) night and then start baking from it Saturday. I am all for the no rolling pin method if I can get away with it.

I do love your new kitchen.

I will let you know how the pita turns out.

winterwren said…
Hey, Jules,

I tried the pita recipe! I halved it and made two pita per day. My first two pita did not poof, and the third crumpled as I slid it onto the baking stone, but the rest poofed perfectly. Man, that is fun. My husband LOVED it. I did end up using a rolling pin because I was having trouble getting them thin enough to poof otherwise and used a cookie sheet instead of a peel to load them onto the stone. Someday I will get a peel. I already know which one I want. No more burnt forearms! Woo!

I also used part whole wheat. I am considering trying a 100% whole wheat pita recipe from a whole grains baking cookbook I got at Christmas and see how it compares. It is not any "anytime"recipe, though, more of a bake-all-at-once recipe.

Thank you so much for posting the recipe--I never considered making my own pita before now.

Now I must make that divine looking rosemary flatbread recipe. I made sesame flatbread crackers last night, but they are nearly gone already. How does such a skinny husband devour so much food?

Thanks again!
winterwren said…

This is late, but I meant to tell you that I made the flatbread, although I was a little short on rosemary and so used half thyme. I also used white whole wheat flour. I think I should have rolled it a little thinner, at least in the middle, because the center did not crisp as much I expected, but it was still very good.

Thank you for the inspiration!


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