Big Blue Eyes

We were allowed to babysit The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 this afternoon. I thought we'd blown it after we (that is DH and I) misbehaved the other night, but apparently we've been forgiven. We were given instructions as to what time she had to have her bottle, what time she had to go down for a nap, and that we were not to give her sugar in ANY FORM. We thought we'd done quite well ... until Son#2 read the fine print and it turned out that the baby rice pudding we'd try to feed her (she refused it) had sugar in it. Oh dear. I suspect we've ruined our chances for good. My only plea is that I can no longer read the fine print on the bottles.

Print is no longer what it used to be. Everyone seems to be using a smaller font these days and this is especially true for whoever puts out the telephone directory (I suspect they are in cahoots with the optometrists - otherwise why would they use the smallest font known to mankind?). I have to hold anything in print at arm's length if I hope to have any chance of reading it. It would help if my arms were a little longer, but I guess that would be out of proportion to the rest of me. I even have a large-print Bible (well I don't know if it's officially a large-print version but the print is rather ahem large) but first thing in the morning I have difficulty reading even that. And I usually can't hold it at arm's length because I'm eating my porridge at the same time and trying to balance Bible and bowl on my lap because I'm still in bed and deluding myself into thinking that I have heaps of time before I have to get up.

However, I do not need glasses. No I do not. And how do I know? Because today I cleaned our windows THREE TIMES and I can still see every streaky mark and every flake of paint that has been left behind. The storm that lashed our house - and windows - two weeks ago deposited salt and dirt all over our windows (and not just on the outside) and it has taken at least three attempts to get them to a state resembling clean. If anyone dares comment that they do not look clean ... watch out!

And talking of windows ... DH and I have narrowed our search for curtain/blind fabric down to just two. That's right: two. My only fear is that when we receive the quote it will be so far out of our budget range that we'll have to start looking all over again.

Perhaps we could rip the pages out of the phone book and glue them together and use them to cover the windows? At least that way they would get used!


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