I Should

1. Be getting ready for work but I dread the thought of going. The stress and hours seem to increase daily. I had promised myself that I would only do the extra hours until the end of February ... but now it will be for at least another two weeks. I can see what's going to happen: I'll still be doing the extra hours come Easter. New teachers, teachers off on extended sick-leave, seventeen new children, research ... it's all getting to me.

2. Not be angry at the weather - after all I cannot control it - but I had big plans for this weekend and they did not include half a day without power and having to rewash curtains and windows that were done only a month ago. Okay, I haven't washed them yet but I will have to soon after Friday and Saturday's wind forced rain and dirt through the gaps in the window frames.

3. Learn how to crotchet. I have a whole lot of leftover wool from knitting socks and it's more than I need to knit the nativity scene I started a year ago. I thought I could remember how to crotchet from my early teen years but my granny squares are so wonky and leave a lot to be desired. So ... I'm trying knitted squares even though I've never been fond of knitted blankets.

4. Just forget that I ever had five sons since three of those sons seem to have forgotten me. Ungrateful offspring!

5. Enjoy the joys that do come my way. Like this little darling.

Very easy to do!


SchnauzerMom said…
I taught myself to crochet many years ago when I was a kid. My grandmother made lots of lovely tablecloths and doilies.

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