I Thought

I was dreading this year: my boys off at University and just DH and I rambling around in our big old house. I thought it would be incredibly difficult: that I'd cry all the time and walk around feeling sorry for myself.

I don't.

I was afraid of the silence (what silence?) and that I'd start talking to myself.

I haven't - well not that I've noticed.

I expected to walk into their rooms and burst into tears to see those same rooms once again clean (after how many years?).

Again, I don't (although I will admit that I'd so gotten into the habit of avoiding their rooms that I never think to go down there).

I expected the grocery bill to go down.

It has. But only marginally and I certainly didn't expect to have an over abundance of cheese, potatoes, carrots and sugar. (Any suggestions for recipes using those ingredients?)

I thought I'd miss them terribly.

And I do. Very muchly.


Fox said…
I'm thinking a nice pot of cream of potato soup with some carrot added in would be just the thing to knock out some of those extra ingredients. The sugar will keep, so no need to go through that fast. :) I know you miss your boys, but I am so glad you are coping better than you hoped. I am praying for you!

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