When the Cats are Away

... the mice will play.

(Or why do my Mummy and Daddy go to Bible Study on Tuesday night and leave me at the funny farm?)


Ohtawen said…
My, my! Isn't she a cutie! And she has grown so much. And... I'm excited to see that your Granddaughter has blond hair! It looks so silky and pretty, and not to mention matches her blue eyes ;)
Fox said…
Beyond cute! I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pictures, but I don't usually have time to post a reply. But I wanted to take time to do so today. Thanks for sharing your words of wit and wisdom, today and every other day too!
Jules said…
Thank you Ohtawen and Fox. She has her Daddy's eyes and hair. Everything else comes from her mother's side.

I'm not sure we'll be allowed to babysit again once her parents see these photos. Usually they pop her to bed before they go out to Bible Study and often she sleeps the whole time they're away. They're happy that she's so boring ... so when she woke up this last time Grandpa and Nana stole some special time with her. But I'm not sure we'll be trusted again. :)
SchnauzerMom said…
Adorable pictures! Thanks for sharing.

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