It Seems ...

1. ... I'm lousy at keeping my blog updated. I was reminded this week by a family member that I've not written anything since last Sunday. Perhaps that's because I've had so little time with The Most Adorable Granddaughters in the World that there seems nothing worthwhile to blog about.

I did get to make pizza with The Most Adorable Granddaughter#2 last Thursday who told me that it was her favourite (so was most everything else). And The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 told me about her school work (she's home-schooled) and condescended to talk to me on the phone when none of the uncles were available. The Most Adorable Granddaughter#3 gave me big hugs and hid feijoas under her highchair. And The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 is now pulling herself up and is going to be into mischief in no time at all (she's also put a dent in my heart locket with her tiny teeth which I think is really cute because now I can wear her around my neck and since she's not one for cuddles and kisses unless you steal them, it's nice to have something of her so close.)

2. ... ridiculous to be blogging about socks and fires and cold weather when most of my readers (Followers anyway) are in the Northern Hemisphere and heading into Summer. But I'm not. And suddenly hand-knitted woollen socks and roaring fires seem very appealing.

I finished a blue pair just a few weeks ago. There's a mistake in one sock that I made when I was knitting in the car after having dropped my parents off at the airport. I decided to leave the mistake in for remembrance sake. The same sock I was knitting when we had our accident and I didn't drop a stitch! I'm not sure what I did when I realised we were going to connect with the truck: probably dropped my knitting into my lap. I wasn't really thinking about knitting at that stage. I do remember picking it up some time later and stuffing it into my bag and not being concerned about whether I was going to drop stitches or not. It was later that night or the next morning when I pulled it out and finished the row I'd been working on.

Now I have some lovely Opal wool to knit up into socks. I've almost finished one. Perhaps when I've finished the other I might see what I can make for The Most Adorable Granddaughters in the World.

3. ... DH and I have gotten into some bad habits. One really. Namely bidding on TradeMe (the New Zealand equivalent of eBay) on items we don't expect to win. Except we have. Twice.

The first time was a recycled kauri table that was wider than our table but also slightly shorter. It's not exactly what we wanted (lacking in length) but is better than what we had and certainly looks more the part in our kitchen/dining. We had no expectation of getting it, thinking it would be way outside our price range, and there seemed to be some fierce competition. Instead, we got it for less than half what we thought was the minimum price it could go for. What can I say? Perhaps we were meant to have this table.

You would think we would have learnt our lesson, but no. We bid on a rimu hall table, never expecting to get it for the same reasons as above. As soon as we entered the game, the bidding stopped. What's up with that? It's not like our username says bid-against-us-and-we-know-where-you-live-and-you'll-be-sorry. In fact our username is likely to instil any competition with immeasurable amounts of confidence that they can beat us. Seriously.

4. ... our house can now breathe a huge sigh of relief for it is finally loved. Well, at least part of it. This seems to be the general opinion of those that have seen the latest round of painting. The house now looks cared for ... as long as you don't walk around to the front or the other side and see what they look like.

5. ... crazy that I've put off buying a new sewing machine for so many years, thinking that I couldn't justify spending money on something that I wouldn't use all that often. I've only had it a week and have already used it twice and wish that I had the time to use it more. Whoever would have thought that sewing could be such a stress-free, yes even a pleasurable, experience? I had no idea that you could sit down and sew for a few hours and not break needles or get the thread in a tangle or be ready to throw something at the machine (or worse yet, throw the machine out the window). If I'd known it could be like this I would've bought one years ago. I mean, I put this wall hanging (which is folded in half and hanging over a door - not on a wall) together in a few hours in between doing housework and making feijoa ginger cake (the peony blocks had already been sewn by hand - I'm not that fast).

Now I have plans for more quilts ... and one in particular.

6. ... I still miss my boys. I wonder if it ever gets any easier???


Ohtawen said…
Jules, you are so witty! Your experiences with bidding and winning things were portrayed in such an amusing light that I just had to laugh.
On a side note - it might be a little strange to read about winter now that I am approaching summer, but I think it's good to read about diverse topics - it takes one's mind off boiling heat ;)

Alas, I'm not particularly adept in knowing what to say when someone misses family members :( It understandable that you miss your sons. I empathize... and I also know that prayer helps in alleviating pains of all sorts ;)

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