Mother's Day Surprise

I'm not sure what moment was the most special of all the memories created today for each and every one was special and lodged itself within my heart.

Perhaps it was when I saw my three sons and the lovely girl Son#3 is courting walk into church at the start when I hadn't been expecting them. I had had a thought (a hope actually) at the back of my mind that they might surprise me but I hadn't wanted to put too much store in it in case I was disappointed. The fact that they all sent me text messages to say Happy Mother's Day one after the other made me suspicious. Hope or not, it was a lovely surprise to see them and my heart literally lept for joy to see them there.

Then again, perhaps it was having all the family together and being filled with quiet pride for the men my sons have become and are becoming.

But then, perhaps it was being able to enjoy the antics of The Most Adorable Granddaughters in the World and watch them destroy my house in seconds. (My sons would find this very hard to believe but I actually take pleasure from seeing my granddaughters mess up my house.)

Or perhaps it was when my eyes filled with tears when I read this poem that DIL#2 had written in her beautiful script (source unknown):

'Mother-in-law' they say, and yet.
Somehow I simply can't forget
'Twas you who watched his baby ways
Who taught him his first hymn of praise,
Who smiled on him with living pride
When he first toddled by your side.

'Mother-in-law' but oh, 'twas you
Who taught him to be kind and true,
When he was tired, almost asleep,
'Twas to your arms he used to creep.
And when he bruised his tiny knee,
'Twas you who kissed it tenderly.

'Mother-in-law' they say and yet
Somehow I never shall forget
How very much I owe
To you, who taught him how to grow.
Yow trained your son to look above,
You made of him the man I love
And so I think of that today.
Ah! Then with thankful heart I'll say
'Our Mother'.

Whatever it was - and there are more memories too numerous to recount - today was special and I enjoyed every moment. Thank you to my wonderful, wonderful family.


Jen said…
What a special Mothers Day! That poem is beautiful. I loved all of the pictures of your family. It looks like you have been very blessed with an amazing family!!!

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