Not One

It seems that not one of us included in Son#3's grduation photos is happy with the way that we look (although Son#3 and his girlfriend have no cause for complaint in my opinion) but I'll include a few pics here anyway.

Perhaps if I could turn back the clock ... like twenty years or so, I would have taken a better pic. But then I've never really been photogenic to begin with. Besides, it wasn't all about me and the key players look fantastic. Perhaps that's all that matters.


Ohtawen said…
I think you all turned out great. Besides, the point of taking pictures is to be able to look at them and remember more fully the events that inspired them ;) But I know that we all prefer to look our best when being photographed. I guess it's just human nature. If it's any consolation, Jules, I'm not photogenic either, and therefore I prefer to be on the other side of the objective :D
Anonymous said…
I think the pictures are wonderful! You all look great, and I think the pictures are very flattering of all of you. And I think you look beautiful!

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