Beauty in the Everyday

I've been reading a book that has challenged me to find the beauty in the everyday ... in the common things ... in the things we take for granted ... in the here and now.

This is going to be one super busy week for me as a three-year project winds up and data has to be collated and ready to hand over to those who will interpret it. Furthermore I have a flute concert with extra practices thrown into the mix. But despite this, I hope to document each day through photos the beauty I've discovered in the everyday - in the here and now.

The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 who had her first sleepover at our home last night. (I hope my colleagues never see this photo - it's so not Pikler.):

Discovering the delights of the property surrounding the home that Son#1 and his family moved into this past week (yes, I have a thing for lichen and trees and falling down buildings):


Sharlene said…
This is a lovely thing to do! I need to be looking for the beauty around me instead of focusing on me and my problems. I enjoy lichen too. :)

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