Beauty on Monday

For some reason I've had to resort to the old blogger interface to write a new post. It worked fine last night ...

I can't show you pics of the beautiful children I got to hold today or the wonderful group of teachers that I have the privilege of working with ... or the incredible storm clouds that were gathering when I left work ... or the amazing flute players that so graciously let me join in with them.

In fact, the picture I'm going to share is one I took last week. I have really enjoyed the view from our new kitchen window of our walnut tree as the weather has turned cold. Next to it is another tree that lacks the beauty and architectural lines of the walnut tree ...

... it's the plum tree that DH severely pruned in hopes that this year it will finally produce more than a handful of fruit (and I mean handful - there's never yet been one season where there's been enough for one apiece for our family).

If it does produce fruit this coming Spring I'll forgive it for looking so ugly all through the winter. I might even decide that it's beautiful after all.


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