Beauty on Thursday

I wish I had a large sign that said, "Finished". I would post it here. Instead you just have to use your imagination. After almost three years I cannot describe the wonderful feeling - that freeing, releasing feeling - of being able to hand over a huge stack of data and say, "It's done."

There will still be some questions to answer - most likely via email - and I still have an interview to chase up but basically it's done.

Perhaps it's just as well my car didn't start yesterday and I had to walk home from work (DH had dropped me off in the morning so no, I didn't leave my car stranded at work). It gave me a chance to breath deeply and enjoy some of the sights and sounds of the shortest day of the year.

I did choose not to walk through the leafy suburbs - which would have been a far more pleasant and quieter walk but with recent attacks on women in those areas I decided to stick to the main roads - so had to contend with the noise of traffic, but even that was a reminder of life and didn't dull my other senses.

And then at home, DIL#1 was waiting with her three little girls (I'd already seen DIL#2 and her precious girl earlier in the day so I was really spoilt). After dinner, it was baths in front of the fire (it's at their insistence that we use the baby bath - and at one stage had the three of them squashed into it) and then a few moments of fun before it was time for them to go home.

I'm just wondering what I'm going to do with all my free time now? Ha!


Sharlene said…
The girls are adorable, especially with the Dole masks. That is a cute idea.

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