Queen's Birthday Weekend

Long weekends are always good for catching up with family and on much needed sleep. So far this weekend, we've done the first. Perhaps the second is yet to come?

Yesterday we celebrated Son#3's engagement with his fiancĂ©’s parents. We had a lovely time honouring the couple and hearing some parts of their story that we'd not heard before. Not surprisingly (given what a beautiful girl his fiancĂ© is) Son#3 had some competition in the early stages but obviously the best man won out! (And we're glad he did.)

Today we were blessed to be a part of the dedication service for The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4. What a joy it was to hear Son#2 and his wife commit themselves to bringing up this precious gift in the way of the Lord. As I looked at my five sons in church I felt joyful pride that they continue to follow the Lord and obey His calling on their lives. I pray that it will be always so.

After the dedication service we were able to celebrate The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4's first birthday (three weeks early but with DIL#2's family already here for the dedication it was too wonderful an opportunity to pass up). Like most one-year-olds, the paper was more exciting than the gifts!

The cake was also a winner, although The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 couldn't seem to understand why she shouldn't touch the candles. Why put something appealing on a cake if it's off limits?

As always, after such an event, there's always work to be done. And these two were ready to help out ...

... while others just wanted to muck around.

And the best way to end off a wonderful day? With a game of chess of course.


Amy Black said…
It was a good day :) Was nice to see you again and thank you for letting me borrow your Francine Rivers book... I'm loving it!
Jules said…
You're welcome. And Happy Birthday!!! You managed to keep that a secret. Hope you didn't mind sharing your day with an adorable niece. We have a photo of you shushing Conrad during the dedication. It's so cute! Your boys were so quiet and well-behaved - a credit to you.
Amy Black said…
It's funny we had thought they weren't very well behaved at the service! Conrad was wanting to talk in the microphone when we were up the front, then when he realised he wouldn't get to talk in it he insisted, rather loudly, "I NEED TO GO WEES" over and over again! OH dear! Haha it's always pretty entertaining the things that come out of little ones mouths isn't it?! And I loved sharing my birthday with Miss Eliana! :D
Ohtawen said…
Awww, there was so much cuteness in this post that I don't know where to begin. Well, you already know how I start to coo every time I see your lovely granddaughters. but what can I do? They are so adorable!
I see that you have been busy with all sorts of family engagements. It's wonderful to see what a tight-knit family you've got. Perhaps you can't sleep long... but I hope you managed to get extra sleep during the week :)
Jen said…
What beautiful pictures of your family, and what a special time for you all. Congratulations on your son's engagement! His fiance is beautiful!

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