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Elizabeth from Yes They Are All Ours asked me to review the Lilla Rose hair clip. Now, I've been a fan of Flexi8 clips for a number of years and these looked similar so before I said "Yes" I did a little research. I didn't want to be in the awkward position of promoting a clip that was a replica of another - or the other way around. It turns out, (from what I read here) that they are one and the same. Lilla Rose is the selling arm of the company done through consultants. You can still order from the Flexi8 website, but there are some clips only available through the consultants. (BTW, if you're outside the shipping area for Lilla Rose - which is any of us downunder - you can still buy from a consultant - just contact them first to discuss shipping options.)

So what is so great about these clips? Apart from their aesthetic value (and many of them are very pretty) they can also be used for a variety of styles. For anyone with long hair who has ended up with tangles when trying to do a half-up with a hair tie, you'll appreciate the ease and comfort of these clips. The flexible clip with its pin (which is attached and can't be lost) has three positions which means you get the hold that you need. They are safe in wet and dry hair and can be used in multiple ways. Here are just a few examples of styles you can do with a flexi clip:

It's not just big girls who like flexi clips. Little girls like them too.


(Elizabeth has some more gorgeous styles on her blog.)

But now to the fun part: a giveaway! Elizabeth has graciously offered a flexi clip (maximum value of $20) to the winner of the giveaway. To enter all you need to do is visit Elizabeth's website and choose the clip you would like to win and then come back here and leave a comment saying which flexi you would choose. Then follow the directions in the Rafflecopter Giveaway below.

To increase your chances of winning you can also elect to Follow my blog and/or Elizabeth's blog; follow Elizabeth on Facebook and/or Twitter; share about the giveaway on Facebook, Twitter and/or your blog. If you register as a customer, you can gain even more points. (Please only do this option if you have not already registered with another consultant.) Elizabeth has provided instructions as to how to register (no purchase necessary - but just try not to be tempted!):

Go to the website (make sure you see the Greeting from Elizabeth); Click on Shop Now; Click on Manage Account; Click on Create an Account Now; Enter personal information. Creating an account means anytime you visit Lilla Rose in the future, you will automatically be directed to Elizabeth's website. Also, by leaving an email address, Elizabeth can contact you in the future with special deals.

Entry is open to anyone. So don't delay. Make your choice and then enter the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Dianna Hudson said…
I would love to win the Festive Fallen Leaf! Flexi clips are so beautiful!
Anonymous said…
We love Lilla Rose clips. If we won, we'd love to own the Rich Multi-Cluster Freestyle. ~Melissa Vicent
Curls & Swirls Medium :)
Curls & Swirls Medium :)
busymomof10 said…
Thank you, Jules, for this Fabulous review! :)
Jen said…
If I won, I would love to have the Antique Gold Open Flower in the medium size!

If for some reason this shows up as anonymous, it is me, Jen W!!
LornaDoone1869 said…
The Sea Turtle is my favourite!
lacemitts said…
Product # [3-1448] size karge

Prominent dragonfly with all silver accents'
Hi Jules from lacemitts
heather said…
I would choose the Princess Tiara Dangle one in a mini. I usually wear just small part of my hair up. :)
Kristi Michel said…
Enchanting Copper Rose in a medium :)
Homequeen said…
I would love to win the Celtic Knot Flexi-Clip...I've Celtic roots!!
Homequeen said…
I would love to win the Celtic Knot Flexi-Clip...I've Celtic roots!!
Daily Woman said…
I love the Purple Cluster clip.
Daily Woman said…
Link on FB

Link on Twitter
jennifer57 said…
I would choose either the 2-1442 skull & crossbones size large OR the 3-1448 prominent dragonfly size large

Very hard to choose since there are soooo many pretty ones!

chevybelair1 at juno dot com

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