An Open Letter

Dear Spammer,

Perhaps you are human - although I doubt it - but since you insist on filling my inbox with your crude and badly worded comments I have been forced to restore CAPTCHA to my comments box once again.

In other words, I'm afraid I now have word verification again.

I didn't want to do this. It's something I hate and I wanted to make things easier for my readers who like to comment but you have left me with little choice.

I thought I could cope with the spam that I would inevitably receive. After all, I just have to delete it, right?

Right. And wrong. I don't want to delete comments that my readers have given thought and time to but to check if something is spam or just a legitimate anonymous commenter, I have to read the comment first, and quite frankly, many times I'd rather not. I only need to read the first two or three words, but sometimes that it is even too much.

So it is with regret that I reinstate word verification and with that, I offer my apologies to my readers, and say farewell (hopefully) to spammers.

Sincerely Yours,



busymomof10 said…
I had the same problem. But, since I HATE trying to decipher and copy the random letters required for commenting, I adjusted my settings to no longer allow Anonymous comments and that has taken care of my problem!! :)
Jen said…
I'm sorry you are having this problem, Jules. It is really frustrating that there are people out there that do things like that!

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