... was the magnitude of the earthquake that hit us last night. I was drifting off to sleep when it began. As I lay there in that half-confused state between waking and sleeping, I was waiting for it to stop so that I could get back to my dreams but it had the audacity to become stronger and louder. I was starting to wonder if I should find some place safer than my cosy bed with its electric blanket when I heard things falling.

That was when I knew it was more than just a little shake. As the quake subsided I discovered that a few photos had fallen off the mantelpiece and one had broken. No serious damage. (I wonder what constitutes 'damage'? The reports said that there had been no damage reported - well I'm hardly going to report a broken photo frame - but I suspect others must have had a few things broken also - flower pots, salt and pepper shakers, ornaments, anything???)

As we made our way back to bed, a little shaky, and sleep now eluding us, it was time to text the family and learn that thankfully they were all still standing. What did we do before cell phones?

So ... a little shake-up at bed time to keep us on our toes and everything okay now. Phew!


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