It's cold. As in really cold. And our house is colder than most. There's an advertisement on the telly that says New Zealand has the worst houses in the world when it comes to damp and cold. If that's true - and of course we know that everything we see and hear on telly has to be true - then our house is up there with the worst of the worst.

Yesterday I did my workout with gloves on. Inside. I did not take them off the entire time.

If I could play the flute or sew with gloves on I'd do that too. Instead I have to spend a few months with fingers that feel like blocks of ice and which are covered with chillblains and not complain because after all, I was the one who wanted to live in a big ol' house that we could renovate and vaguely decorate in country style.

At the time it seemed romantic.

Now it just seems cold.

At least I have these. Newly finished and very warm:

(Perhaps I need matching ones for my hands?)

If I have one request, it's this: please, summer, come early this year. Just for me.


Ellie Rae said…
And we're boiling hot here! Amazing the difference in the hemispheres! Keep Warm.

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