One, Two, Three, Four

One: Some of the best things are in our own backyard. Or almost. This afternoon DH and I went for a walk around the lake in the rain (my favourite time to walk). Usually we take the low road - the tracks around the lake where we can feed the ducks - but today we took the high road. We discovered that the lake looked quite different when viewed through the tops of trees than it does when you're down on the same level. We also discovered that for some, the lake is in their backyard - literally. I came home with dreams of buying a house that backs on to the lake and taking The Most Adorable Granddaughters in the World to feed the ducks every time they visited.

Except, as DH pointed out, I would worry about said granddaughters escaping from the yard and falling into the lake and drowning. Besides, it only takes a few minutes to drive there. I'm really not that unhappy with our house although sometimes I think a view and less neighbours going down the adjoining drive would be nice. But I guess if we lived beside the lake we'd have total strangers going past and staring in the windows all the time - and who wants that?

Two: Earlier in the week we could smell sulphur and noticed a lot of yellow residue lying around. Of course, that yellow residue could be pollen as the wattle is in flower and other tress are beginning to bud too. Despite the threat of another eruption on Mount Tongariro being downgraded in recent days, we're not planning on getting too close any time in the near future. It was enough that we climbed to the crater at the top of Mount Ruapehu just days before it erupted. Some people might like to live dangerously but I'm not one of them.

Three: We're anxiously waiting news that a friend's baby has arrived safely. Friend and wife are in the States. We're here. I keep checking my emails for news but so far nothing. All we can do is pray.

Four: Son#2 and DIL#2 and The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#4 are away for a few days. They only went Friday and I miss them already.


Amy Black said…
Sounds like you will have another granddaughter much sooner than expected. It will be interesting to see how this day progresses... Wish we were so much closer to be able to actively support Grace and Trent at this time and in the coming weeks!

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