Today Son#4 turns twenty-one. Just ask me if that doesn't make me feel old! DH and I have been trying to adjust to now having four grown men for sons. (Apologies to Son#5 but I'm afraid you won't acquire adult status until your twenty-first birthday and since you're the youngest, you're going to have to fight to claim it).

Last night we took Son#4 out for dinner. It amazes me that my sons who grew up in this household with a mother who neither ate nor cooked seafood, could find it in themselves to eat seafood when in a restaurant and appear to enjoy it!

The meal - to say the least - was disappointing. We had hoped to honour Son#4 and give him an inkling of how much he means to us, but the meal let us down. We didn't do too well in the present department either since the gift I ordered which was meant to arrive on the nineteenth, still hasn't arrived. We did however give him a card but even that wasn't overly exciting (do you know how hard it is to buy a card for a twenty-one-year-old male that doesn't refer to sex or getting drunk and which is a little more spectacular than just "Happy Birthday"?).

Today we did however take over a mud cake after church that I'd made early morning - along with cream and chocolate to enjoy it with. I just hope it tasted okay (he doesn't need to be let down by his family one more time today). If he was lucky, he may have got an off-key rendition of Happy Birthday on his voice message and sung by The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#2.

We will celebrate his birthday properly in a few weeks time. I had planned the party for the day our wee granddaughter was due to arrive but it seems that none of his friends can make it that day so it will be the following week. As long as it happens.

Meanwhile, here are twenty one photos taken over the past twenty-one years to enjoy ...


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