I remember

I can remember when we had no telephone at home and had to walk a couple of blocks to use the public telephone that was housed inside a red booth. I never liked using it and was always afraid it was going to eat my coins.

I can remember black and white television. In fact, our first television when we were married was black and white, although colour had been in for a while by then.

I can remember when an apple was something you ate and a mackintosh was either a toffee or a piece of outerwear in English books (or at least that's what I think it was).

I can remember when we called teachers sir or ma'am.

I can remember when the principal kept a cane in his/her office and was not afraid to use it.

I can remember free milk at school. I liked milk but for some reason it didn't taste that good straight from the bottle on a hot summer's day even if it had been sitting in the shade since it had been delivered.

I can remember milk and bread deliveries to your door when the milk came in bottles (at least I think it did) and the bread was wrapped in paper.

I can remember when hardware meant nails and screws and software had not been invented.

I can remember when you could buy two licorice sticks for one cent.

I can remember when twenty cents was a fortune for a child.

I can remember when chatting with friends meant face-to-face with verbal language.

I can remember when you wore your best clothes to town and to church.

I can remember ... many things ... I wonder what my children will remember that their children and grandchildren will think archaic?


SchnauzerMom said…
Wow you and I have some of the same memories. Times are changing. But this new generation will have their own fond memories when they get older.

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