At two thirty five this morning the household was woken with a jolt. Still half asleep I asked DH how many babies we still had at home. Patiently he reminded me that our single boys were all at home. Either due to being rudely woken from sleep, or from the adrenaline that flooded my system from the earthquake, I couldn't comprehend his answer.

However a check confirmed that once again we had a full house and that everyone was safe and accounted for - and awake. At first I had thought that Son#5 who had been feeling unwell yesterday had slept through it all but he informed me that it was impossible to sleep when Son#4 had almost fallen out of bed. Whether Son#4 can blame the earthquake or his own sleeping habits is open to question. I would often find this son hanging half off the bed as a child while still asleep and from all accounts this hasn't changed since he left home.

I did feel for Son#3's fiance who doesn't like earthquakes and who was treated to a good one the last time she was down. Guess we're just keeping the pattern going.

So why is it that I once again have the privilege of so many beds in my house being full? Yesterday was Son#3's twenty-third birthday and the family gathered to celebrate. I guess the earthquake was the final bang to a good day!


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