It may only be temporary since DH doesn't want to concrete the area until we have our drains in place (and who can blame him?) but a lot of effort went into making this area for my vegetables.

My original vision was for plants in pots and I chose seeds accordingly. DH decided I needed something bigger and made planter boxes with the decking that had been removed during our renovation last year. This is the same decking that had remained in place for one hundred years but which the council said was unfit and must be replaced. It was going to be used for firewood but DH put it to better use.

On Monday The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 assisted DH in the building of these planter boxes. With minimal help from me (I held the tape measure) DH laid weed matting and put the planters in place. However, yesterday he decided they were a little too close to the house and would be swamped the next time we have rain (we have no guttering at present). So with assistance from The Most Adorable Granddaughters#1, #2 and #3, he removed a few bricks and stones and re-positioned the boxes.

All this work for something that is only temporary. However temporary might mean anything from twelve months to twelve years! Regardless, it was truly a joint effort between DH and His Most Adorable Granddaughters. Perhaps at a later date The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5 can also have a part to play? Maybe a mosaic hand print?

And I wonder: is there any way I can get the other areas looking as good? Any ideas?


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