Soul Moments

Sitting outside this afternoon with my hands occupied with my latest knitting project, the smell of fresh-baked berry muffins wafting out from the kitchen, surrounded by the sights and sounds and smells of the garden, and listening to Son#4 playing away on the piano, I was struck by how such moments feed and nourish the soul.

I had a headache. One of those I've-been-sitting-in-a-workshop-all-day type of headaches. I'd forgotten about the workshop until I'd gotten to work so wasn't prepared. I had no water with me and I'd left half of my lunch at home - so I was hungry and dehydrated (food and water were provided but I wasn't able to eat a lot of the food and I cannot drink cold water). I then had to walk home. And while it was good to be outside again rather than sitting in a stuffy room, it didn't do my headache any good (I probably should have had a hat on but I hate hats - can you see a theme here? i.e, I don't know how to care for myself!). But that time outside on our deck was as good as any painkiller.

I then began to list other things that nourish the soul:

a drive in the country;

baking bread;

playing with water;

a walk along the beach;

making play dough (I am an early childhood teacher after all!):

listening to music;

sitting in a sunny corner reading a book;

watching seedlings grow;

cuddling my youngest granddaughter (in fact, cuddling all my granddaughters);

watering the garden; and,


What can you add to this list?


Fox said…
Sharing your heart with a good friend.

Gazing upon the moon and stars in the still of the night.

Watching wildlife.

Making music.

Reading edifying books. :)

I am sure the list could go on. Thanks for all your posts. They help to nourish my soul with their positive outlook and spiritual insights.
Ohtawen said…
I love your list Jules. It includes lots of things I wanted to say. But I'll still add a few.

- talking to the Lord

- seeing my friends

- going to the library/bookshop ;)

- watching an opera

- staying at home when it's freezing outside and doing silly things that I like

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