It Has Been Said

that life must go on and this was certainly true for me this weekend. Proofs to read and a music practice and concert kept me busy and my mind off other things but the highlight of the weekend was the party that The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#1 had planned to celebrate her Daddy no longer going to night school. In the ten years since he graduated secondary school he has had only eighteen months study-free and it seems his girls at least are excited that he is finally finished. For someone who never liked school or study he has done extremely well, wouldn't you say!

It all started with a perfect summer evening ...

Of course there were some special guests, including Little Miss Goldilocks who spent the evening trying to find the perfect chair (I think she gave up in the end) ...


 And another guest, who after smiling and cooing for her Nana (rather than dropping her bottom lip whenever I get to hold her) was happy to sleep in any one's willing arms (and there were many) ...

Then there were those guests who desired to set off a rocket that one day is probably going to end someone or other in gaol. (It has since returned to earth and wound itself around the power lines that feed Son#1's property so it may not be a concern any more.)

Then there were the toasted marshmallows - what is yummier? -

and the fireworks ...

It was such an enjoyable evening that I'm hoping The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 will organise a similar party when her Daddy finishes studying!


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