Sneak Preview

I'm not sure if you can call this a sneak preview as I've already sneaked a few photos of the quilt into my blog. Just not the whole quilt. But now that the bride has seen it (okay, not laid out like this but all bunched up as I was quilting it - and she didn't comment so either she doesn't realise it's for her or doesn't like it or had other things on her mind or something), I think I can share it - and the progress on quilting - here.

There are now less than seven weeks to go until the big day. There's a distinct possibility that if I spend every moment that I'm not working, eating, sleeping, practising, collecting documentation for re-licensing, spending time with family on the quilt, I might just get it done in time. Might.

I'm pleased now with how the quilting is showing up and glad that I decided to extensively quilt the blue triangles. I'm even toying with the idea of going back and adding some more quilting to some of the narrow borders if I get it finished in time. But we will see. Even though I can see how far I've come, there's still a bit to go yet. And then there's the binding.

Guess what I'm going to be doing over Easter?


Sharlene said…
The quilt is lovely! The bride will love it.

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