As from yesterday, we are officially in a state of drought. For someone who can remember some of the worst droughts in Australia's history, it doesn't seem like a drought. For a start, the grass might be brown, but we still have grass. I can recall when our lawn turned into a dust bowl and there seemed little chance that it would ever recover (it did, but that's another story). However, we not only have grass, but some patches are even green, and while the plants are looking a little wilted, they are at least still alive.

Furthermore, we are not on severe water restrictions. In fact, I'm not even sure if we are on water restrictions given the excess of water that was evident in a local park today. I had thought that when it came to gardens that we were only allowed a hand-held hose or a sprinkler between seven and nine at night but even that is a lot more than what I've known in previous drought conditions. However, we are blessed that in our city we don't have to rely on rainfall for our water supply - which perhaps explains the locals' blasé attitude to the drought.

But rain is on the way. Not, apparently, the kind of rainy day where you want to sit inside and watch the rain and quilt but rather one of those hot summer days where any little shower is a relief from the heat and humidity of the day - however brief.

Which, given my estimation that I am this close (that is, probably less than twenty hours) from finishing The Quilt, it's a pity that it won't be a raining-cats-and-dogs-kind-of-day, since that would have given me the perfect excuse to sit and quilt and do nothing else.

Perhaps I'll have to think up some other excuse?


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