Free E-book

Until Monday 25th March (US time) my second novel, To Rise Above, is available as a free download on Amazon. Go here for the link.

Why am I offering my novel free? Well it's a great way to promote my book and to get it into the hands of readers. So, don't be shy.

If you prefer the feel and smell of a real book (like me) or if you would like to read the first novel, then please, visit my website.



Nancy said…
Thank you SO much! Since we can't get packages here,ebooks are my only option. I wish I could find your first one, "To A Distant Land," in ebook format. I would surely buy it!
Jules said…
Nancy, I've heard that if you go to the first book on Amazon you can request it as an e-book. If the publisher receives enough of these requests they might make it available (there was actually talk of doing so a while back but nothing came of it that I know of). Readers have said that each book stands alone, so hopefully you won't be too "lost" not having read the first. Enjoy!!!

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