Okay, A Pic

And the gorgeous Civil War reproduction fabric used on the back:


winterwren said…

Oh, Jules, I cannot believe you made that quilt. I mean, I *can* believe it, I saw the in the making photos, and besides that you would never lie, but what a stunning work of art. Everything about it is perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

I also have not been online too much lately and just now saw your book announcement. Congratulations! I am sure it is wonderful. I gather from your last post that you had one bad review (amongst many good ones) and it is probably no help to say "don't let it get you down." But everyone gets bad reviews sometimes. You cannot please everyone. Blah, blah, I know you know that, but in my defense it is true. Anyway, I am sorry and hope you feel better about it soon.

Be well,


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